Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Eight days to go...

The polls continue to show the surge in Lib Dem support is holding, with the Tory lead continuing to be extremely narrow. The possibility of a hung parliament is very real, with only eight days until the country goes to the polls.

Nick Clegg, the man of the moment, has been giving conflicting views on which party the Lib Dems would be most likely to support. Clegg has already questioned the constitutional convention of the PM being offered the first chance to form government, despite the possibility that Labour could finish third in the polls. Meanwhile, the Tories are campaigning hard for a majority government, their latest PEB directly attacks the possibility of a hung parliament. And with some polls showing the best improvement in their share of the vote since the first leader’s debate earlier this month, it may be working.
All three parties have come under pressure to clarify where they would make cuts in public spending, following an IFS report criticising the gaping holes in their manifesto figures – this is unlikely to change, with just over a week to go none of the parties will be keen to forensically setting out there cuts plan.

Next Thursday’s leaders debate which focuses on Gordon Brown’s strong point, the economy, this set piece could inject more volatility into the polls and perhaps even decide the election. In short there is still everything to play for in this election, which will go down in history, not only for setting a precedent with the televised debates, but also for being the tightest election in a generation.

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