Friday, 16 April 2010

Clegg wins first ever leaders debate

As widely predicted, Nick Clegg gained the most from last night’s historic leader’s debate. David Cameron failed to live up to expectations, and looked rigid throughout, playing it safe perhaps. Gordon Brown delivered his usual recognisable performance, handling the intensity of the ninety minutes better than many commnetators had expected.

Despite viewing figures being lower than expected, peaking at 9.9 million, many people will have been hearing and seeing Nick Clegg for the first time, in this respect he could not fail to impress – I supect he looked different and dare I say it refreshing to electorate.
Now before rushing to the conclusion that the two party system is dead, it is crucial to note that the instant polling which gave Clegg a vote of confidence is highly unlikely to transfer across to the national polls. Much to the dismay of the Lib Dems, I suspect.

If the TV debates, and it’s a big if, lead to an increased Lib Dem share of the vote it may be Labour who stand to lose the most. Paradoxically, a surge in Lib Dem votes may increase a Tory majority and ensure a Lib/Lab coalition is resigned to the political dustbin.

Perhaps, the most pertinent question to ask is, do these debates really matter?

Second debate – International affairs

Date: 22 April 2010; 8 pm
Channel: Sky News, Sky News HD
Location: The South West
Moderator: Adam Boulton

Third debate – Economic affairs
Date: 29 April 2010; 8:30 pm
Channel: BBC One, BBC HD, BBC News Channel
Location: The Midlands
Moderator: David Dimbleby

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