Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Today's session of PMQs was at the later time of 15:00 due to Armistice Day services. The PM began with a tribute to soldiers who have died in conflicts both in the past and present, which was echoed by Clegg and Cameron.

The sombre mood was dispensed with following Cameron's first question, in the most bitter exchange since the return of parliament, the economy dominated.

Cameron using the latest jobless figures in attempt to lay into the government's handling of youth employment, claiming a record number of young people were now unemployed. The PM rebuffed with ease, which gave him the confidence for good performance throughout the session. "Every time we mention policy, he [Cameron] loses it." stated the PM, whilst claiming the government have invested £1 billion into a future jobs fund. Cameron look flustered after failing to land any blows with the employment figures, and his poor performance reflected by the unusually quiet Tory back benches.

Clegg led with cuts to housing benefit, the PM said with gusto, "this is coming from the man who wants savage cuts". A very strong performance from the PM today, the clashes on the economy look set to become all important in the run to the next general election, Cameron needs to convince the public that the Tories have a better grasp on economic recovery.

N.B - The Chancellor today annouced that the Pre Budget Report would be read before the house on the 9th December. 

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